Autor: Cervezas Ambar

Caesar Colada

Some will surely call us sacrilegious but they have probably never tasted a beer cocktail. We like to take the plunge, so we joined forces with Juan Manuel Romeo, a teacher at the Topi catering school, bartender and winner of the Aragon Cocktail Championship, to give you some ideas. We start with a “Caesar Colada”. To give free rein to this modern beer cocktail, all you need is willingness, a cocktail shaker and three ingredients:


3 centilitres of pineapple juice

1 centilitre of passion fruit syrup

1 Ambar Caesaraugusta


Mix the juice and syrup with ice cubes in the cocktail shaker, serve in a dizzy cocktail glass and end this by pouring in the beer. All you need is a pineapple triangle on the rim to decorate it. As with all good, simple and effective things, we promise that you will leave sceptics speechless.

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