No rules can deter you when you enjoy something but there are habits and ways that are an eyesore to beer connoisseurs, even from afar. Here are the top five crimes perpetrated against our beloved brew. If you plead guilty to any of these pleasures, we encourage you to continue committing these crimes. At the end of the day, the greatest pleasure in life is doing whatever you feel like doing.


  1. Beer without a head

Some think that you can get more for the same price by filling up the glass to the rim and leaving it without room for the head. What they do not know is that it will last less because that clear, creamy, protective layer is what maintains the carbonic acid within the liquid and, when we avoid it, we lose most of the beer aromas and gasification, so we drink more quantity but less beer.


  1. Beer in a frosted glass

As we explain in greater detail  (Say no to beer in a frosted glass) this widespread bad habit on summer days harms the quality of the beer mainly because it dissolves the head and ends up watering down the liquid inside the glass.


  1. Warm beer

You take out a bottle of beer from the fridge, you tap it to make sure that it has the right temperature and you confirm what you already know: that it is not completely cold. But by then, dear beer friend, your yearning for it has engulfed you and, without hardly realising this, you have slightly lowered your head to accept this and you have the bottle opener in your hand and the bottle cap is rolling on the kitchen top. Then you take your first sip and are inevitably disappointed when the liquid wets your whistle.


  1. Overchilled beer

The same thing happens but the other way round. This bad habit is much more common than the previous one. We love cold, very cold, chilled beer… but not all beers, or hardly any, should be served at an ice cold temperature since this widespread habit makes it enormously difficult to appreciate the beer aromas and nuances, and dulls its taste to a large extent. There is a lot to learn about the serving temperatures which, in general, should be higher as the beer gets darker.


  1. Beer in a tall glass

Yes, this is a crime commonly committed around Zaragoza (our catchment area) but not only here since it is a widespread habit around Spain in general. A tall glass has the equivalent capacity of a 33 cl bottle, i.e. it holds more than a small glass, which is why drinkers sometimes request this. Since a tall glass is completely straight and the glass is thick and flat, the beer enters the mouth brusquely. The aromas escape easily from a tall glass and the way it has to be held, i.e. with most of the hand on it, means that the beer warms quicker than in a glass.

Everything has its place and time; everyone has their own preference; there is no accounting for tastes, etc.

Anybody can look like an expert in nearly everything without being one.



We have lost count of how many times we have changed the label of Ambar Especial in our 116-year history.