There are beer devotees who like a short draught and devotees who like a long draught. There are also beer types that lend themselves more to the former or to the latter. What is certain is that the desire to learn about and try new things in the world of beer is on the increase, so whichever is your case we encourage you to take these four basic tips into account when trying a beer.



  1. Do not let the label influence you. The bottle is important but try to disengage from it when tasting the beer. It is the contents which are important.
  1. Control your craving to drink it straight away. Any beer tasting is preceded by a visual and smelling phase. From this we already obtain a great deal of information. Don’t be too eager and spend a few seconds assessing the colour, the aromas and turbidity of the liquid
  1. Try to taste each beer at its optimal drinking temperature. As a rule, you should drink lighter beers at a colder temperature than darker ones. You can go by the recommendations of each beer brewer, as they know their own product better than anyone.
  1. Choose the right drinking glass. At home we don’t usually have an extensive selection of glasses for tasting each beer in its corresponding one, but some glasses are more suitable than others for enjoying beer. Glasses with a narrower mouth tend to be better at retaining the foam and concentrating the aromas.

Everything has its place and time; everyone has their own preference; there is no accounting for tastes, etc.

Anybody can look like an expert in nearly everything without being one.



We have lost count of how many times we have changed the label of Ambar Especial in our 116-year history.