An imperial and exotic beer

Aromas of black lemon

One single hop: Lemon Drop

Ambar Imperial Citrus

Ambar Imperial Citrus, an imperial encounter encounter between beers and citrics.



The beer is going on an adventure with the lemon. A perfect union that is here to stay, to produce great results. Curiosity has driven us to combine a fresh beer with an almost perpetual lemon.

Ambar Imperial Citrus is a lager beer made with the “Lemon Drop” hop, a variety from the USA that emerged from a search for new aromas. Now, cultivated in the immense fields of León, it’s capable of bringing bitterness and subtle aromas when warm, and then awakening in the cellar with an impressive hop flavour when cold. It’s here, in the cellar, where the hop coincides with the principal ingredient of this new beer: the black lemon. Used as an ancestral and elegant way to preserve food in Persian cooking, the black lemon rounds up all the aromas to perfection. Not only that, the smooth mixture of toasted malts gives the entire beer meaning.

The result is a slightly cloudy beer, full of nuances thanks to the blend of fruit, hop and grain.



Type: Special Beer
Alcohol content: 6% vol.
Bitterness: 25° IBU
Colour: 12 EBC
Ingredients: water, barley malt, hop, black lemon
Aroma: a beer which embraces the aromas of the black lemon
Serving temperature: 3-6 °C
Consumption: We recommend that you keep the beer in your mouth for a few seconds, allowing its fresh and warming aromas to explode.
Food pairing: In a traditional aperitif it combines perfectly with grilled cuttlefish, marinated dogfish, vegetable gyozas with prawns or salmon fillets with soy sauce. It’s a marvellous accompaniment to basmati rice salads in which sweet and savoury flavours are mixed. It delights when partnered with roast minted lamb and yoghurt sauce.